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A DUI conviction can have unexpected consequences 

Being convicted for driving under the influence can have ramifications stretching beyond legal penalties. There is the possibility of time in jail and a license suspension, even for a first-time offense. Georgia law is quite strict on drunk driving, which is why you need to take such charges seriously.

Here are some of the collateral damages resulting from a DUI conviction in Georgia:

Your finances are likely to be affected

There are two ways a DUI conviction can impact your finances. First, you are subject to a fine if you are found guilty. DUI fines range from $300 to $5,000, depending on previous offenses. 

Secondly, a conviction could see your insurance premiums increased due to the higher risk of an accident associated with drunk driving. If you had not planned for such expenses, you might find yourself in a financially tricky situation.

Your reputation may be damaged

Drunk driving is considered reckless behavior, and a conviction may paint you as careless and unconcerned about the welfare of others. As a result, people are likely to lose their trust in you, which may affect your social status, especially if you hold public office or are in a position where people expect you to act in a certain way.

Your career may be on the line

Your career may be affected by a DUI conviction depending on your profession. For instance, your professional license may be suspended, or you could lose current and potential clients who may doubt your integrity or ability to make sound decisions.

A conviction means a criminal record

It may be hard to secure employment or even housing with a criminal record. Some employers and landlords conduct background checks before considering your application, and should they find out your criminal record is tainted, they might reconsider doing any business with you.

The importance of a sound defense

You have a lot to lose, even if you have never been charged for a DUI before. Therefore, it is in your best interests to have a solid defense plan to fight the charges you are facing. You can successfully go against your charges even if the evidence against you is overwhelming. The sooner you begin your defense strategy, the more likely you’ll have a positive outcome to your case. 


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