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Having marijuana in Georgia may lead to a drug charge

While states are decriminalizing marijuana or making it legal to use, Georgia is not one of those states. If you have marijuana with you or in your vehicle, you may be arrested if a police officer stops you and searches the vehicle.

If you have one ounce of marijuana with you, the police may charge you with a felony crime. While you may have been holding the drug for someone else, you may be the one to pay the penalty.

Quantity does matter

If the amount you have is less than one ounce, you may be charged with a misdemeanor. While the amount may look like it is small, this does not matter to law enforcement or to the judge.

Judges in Georgia may do the following after you have been convicted of possession:

  • Fines or probation
  • Suspended driver’s license
  • Drug treatment
  • Jail sentence
  • Loss of a HOPE scholarship

Marijuana is a controlled substance

Marijuana is considered to be a Schedule 1 drug. Any drug in this category may not be considered to have any type of medical use. The Drug Enforcement Administration or DEA considers marijuana to have a high potential for abuse.

You may have been charged with felony marijuana possession, which means you had more than one ounce with you. Law enforcement believes that anyone who has more than an ounce of pot may intend to sell it.

A few penalties you may face

A felony conviction of possession comes with a more severe penalty: a jail sentence of one year or more. Learning about the risks of drug possession may help you to make a different decision about possession.


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