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Marijuana concentrates can put you in greater legal jeopardy than buds in Georgia

You know that marijuana is illegal in Georgia. While other states have legalized the popular drug for recreational and medical use, Georgia barely allows those with life-threatening conditions to access marijuana for treatment.

State law enforcement agents still aggressively enforce the prohibition of marijuana in Georgia by arresting people for growing, using, selling or even just possessing marijuana. In fact, that might be why you choose to purchase and use marijuana extracts or concentrates instead of smoking marijuana flowers or buds.

Why people use extracts

When carefully stored, marijuana concentrates like shatter or dabs won’t have as strong of an odor as marijuana flowers or buds do. Additionally, it takes much less space to store and transport the same amount of the active ingredients from the marijuana plant when in extract form.

The potency of concentrates also makes them useful for people with seizures or neurological disorders who use the plant to control their symptoms. While it may be easier for you to store and transport marijuana extracts without getting caught, if you do get caught, you will face more serious penalties.

Marijuana extracts usually lead to felony charges

Although some possession charges for marijuana are misdemeanor offenses, that is not true for extracts. The state specifically attaches bigger penalties to the possession or sale of marijuana’s constituent ingredients when extracted from the actual plant matter. In other words, the state treats marijuana extract as a drug requiring more serious oversight and penalties than just dried marijuana.

If the police catch you with a vape pen or another kind of marijuana extract, it’s likely that you could end up facing felony charges even for the smallest amount of concentrate. A greater weight of marijuana concentrate will result in more serious punishments. Knowing how Georgia prosecutes marijuana possession can help you minimize the risks you take.


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