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Can you borrow a gun if you have a felony?

If you’re facing felony charges and you are an avid gun owner, hunter or target shooter, you may be worried that you are going to have to give up your hobby if you get convicted. After all, you can’t buy guns if you have a felony record, as most people know.

That may get you thinking about your other options, though. You can’t go to the sporting goods store and buy a gun, but what if you just borrow a gun whenever you want to use one? Maybe you generally hunt with friends and family members, anyway. Can’t you just have them bring an extra gun so that you can still participate?

Borrowing a gun when you have a felony is still a crime

The law doesn’t actually just prohibit the buying of firearms when you have a felony. Instead, it says that someone who has a felony conviction cannot receive, possess, or transport a firearm. Even just driving with a gun in your car, even when it belongs to someone else and you never touch it, could technically be a second felony violation. 

The key is possession of the gun. If you possess it in any way — even just holding it in your hand — it no longer matters how you got it or who owns it. You have still violated the law by knowingly being in possession of a gun with your record. 

What are your defense options when you’re facing a felony?

Your right to bear arms is just one reason why you need to think about the long-term ramifications of a felony charge. As your case moves forward, be sure you carefully consider all of your defense options. An experienced attorney can help. 


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