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Why finishing your beer off quickly before driving is dangerous

Either your server just came to tell you that the restaurant is about to close or your friend just let you know that they want to go to bed. Your socialization is over, which means you need to finish your drink.

It is probably safer and smarter to spend a few final minutes saying goodbye while slowly sipping your drink than it is to slam the second half of your cocktail or the rest of your beer before getting in your car. If you drink an alcoholic beverage too quickly, you could put yourself at risk for an impaired driving charge even if you don’t drink enough to get truly drunk.

Rapid consumption affects your body’s ability to metabolize alcohol

There’s a reason frat parties often involve people drinking beer as fast as possible. Slow and steady rates of consumption are easier for your body to adjust to. When you flood the body with a large amount of alcohol at one time, it won’t be able to properly and efficiently metabolize the alcohol.

In other words, consumed too quickly, an amount of alcohol that would not make you drunk could leave you vulnerable to failing a chemical breath test. It will also have a more marked impact on your driving skill than it would if you enjoyed it slowly over half an hour.

You can defend against a DUI charge

As you have probably already guessed, drinking too fast is unlikely to be an excuse that officers give much credence to during a traffic stop. Making smart decisions when drinking and about your transportation can help you avoid getting pulled over or arrested.

If you already face DUI charges due to a mistake, the circumstances that led to your arrest might help you develop a defense strategy against those charges. An attorney can explain your legal options.


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