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Could New Law Reduce Georgia DUI Arrests?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed life dramatically for Americans. While Georgia didn’t “lock down” to nearly the degree that other states did, many of us have altered our behaviors, choosing to stay home much more than we otherwise would. That means fewer people going to restaurants and bars.

With no vaccine in sight, many Georgians will be staying home for the foreseeable future. That means a continued uptick in the delivery of groceries and meals from restaurants. But thanks to state legislators, you will soon be able to take advantage of alcohol delivery from bars, restaurants and grocery stores.

Governor Kemp signed House Bill 879 earlier this month. When it goes into effect, there will certainly be more restrictions and procedural requirements in place than for the delivery of groceries or meals (including age verification and refusal of delivery to those who are “visibly intoxicated”). But despite these hoops, the new law will likely prove to be very popular among Georgians statewide.

As an added bonus, it could reduce rates of drunk driving, because people may choose to be drinking at home more than at bars and restaurants. If they do invite friends over for a party (when such gatherings become normal again), the fact that the gathering is in a house may be incentive for an intoxicated friend to spend the night rather than risking a drive home.

Only time will tell what kind of effect this new law will have on public safety, including DUI arrests and accidents. But at a time when everything seems to be shutting down, many people see this measure as an expansion of personal freedom and convenience – and that’s always a good thing.


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