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If you’re caught with heroin, you need a strong defense

Georgia takes the use, distribution, possession, trafficking and manufacturing of heroin seriously, penalizing those who commit these acts severely. Even for a first offense, the possession of heroin is a felony. A felony charge has a significant impact on your life if it turns into a conviction, so it’s in your best interests to fight it.

The reality for many people is that the opioid crisis has led to heroin abuse in their lives. Many citizens ended up becoming addicted to the prescription painkillers that they were told would not cause addiction or dependency. Then, as doctors and others stopped prescribing the drugs as often, patients turned to alternatives available illegally, like heroin, to avoid withdrawal and to reduce their pain.

Did you know that suburban Atlanta is nicknamed the “Heroin Triangle”?

In 2017, there were 1,014 overdose deaths that involved opioids in Georgia (including heroin). Interestingly, there are all ranges of economic classes struggling with heroin abuse, not just the poor or middle-income families. Today, almost anyone can be affected by drugs. They may be on them themselves, or they may know someone who has been. It’s an issue that has permeated society.

If you’re accused of possession, trafficking or other charges related to opioids or heroin, it’s wise that you get the right support. You may have fallen into addiction as a result of a real illness or injury, and it’s important that you get the right help to eliminate addiction from your life. You can protect your legal rights and work toward a solution that will allow you to get the addiction support you need. Our website has more information on what you can do if you’ve been accused of a drug crime in Georgia.


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