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Georgia ranks low in granting fathers equal custody

Your children will thrive better if they get access to both you and your former spouse. Even if divorce has separated your family, studies have shown that your children will develop better if they spend time with both parents. However, Georgia may fall behind on making sure you and your spouse both get equal custody time.

A recent study by Custody X Change, a parenting plan software for divorced parents, found that Georgia dads only get about 23.5% of custody time. In a ranking of fathers’ custody time for all U.S. states, this figure puts Georgia at 46 out of 50.

Ranking all 50 states

Twenty states in the study tied for first with fathers receiving 50% custody of their children. Meanwhile, Georgia’s northern neighbor, Tennessee, was in last place with fathers only receiving a 21.8% share of custody.

Creating a database for how custody compares in each state

For the study, Custody X Change researched how courts in each state typically ruled on custody. They also gathered data on the types of parenting schedules that parents in each state have.

Their goal in gathering this data is to show how each state compares with in granting child custody. This analyzes how each state compares. It may also open a dialogue for lawmakers to push for policies promoting equal custody rights.

Fighting for an equal share of child custody

If you go through divorce, you want to keep your children’s best interests in mind. Giving sole custody or primary custody to one parent doesn’t always benefit your children. While it may seem easier to let your spouse take primary or sole custody, you may want to fight for a larger share of your children’s lives.


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