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License reinstatement in Georgia following a DUI

Having a driver's license can be important for daily life and for getting to work. If a license has been suspended because of a DUI charge, it can be important for the accused individual to understand the license reinstatement process. In Georgia, those convicted of Driving Under the Influence, possessing illegal drugs, underage possession of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle and some other charges are required to participate a DUI, Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction program.

What are underage DUI laws in Georgia?

Underage drinking and driving laws can be especially serious, which is why young people, their parents and others may wonder what the underage drunk driving laws are in Georgia. There are different standards for what is considered driving under the influence for drivers who are under the legal drinking age. Because the legal limit to drive is so much lower for underage drinkers, it is important to be familiar with the differences in the law.

What is DUI 'per se' in Georgia?

The manufacture and use of alcoholic beverages has been a staple of many parts of U.S. culture since the founding of the nation. Even the decade or so of 'Prohibition' is best known for the creative and illegal ways many people attempted to procure drinks, even leading to a modern trend of so-called 'speak-easies.' In the 1970's and 1980's, however, U.S. culture and society began to more closely examine the social costs of drivers who had been drinking alcohol, and government and law responded with more stringent, and more carefully enforced, laws against such behavior.

The basics of a felony drunk driving charge

This blog recently discussed options that may be available in circumstances of drunk driving charges. DUI charges can have an unexpectedly big impact on the life, future and freedom of an accused individual. Felony charges are serious criminal charges that should, of course, be avoided. They are punishable by greater than a year in prison and steep fines and may result in a felony criminal record.

What is DUI court in Georgia?

When facing DUI charges, there are a variety of potential outcomes. Drunk driving charges can carry stiff penalties including harsh jail sentences, significant fines and personal consequences associated with the accused individual's work and social life. It is because of this that criminal defense rights are so important and that it is essential to have a strong criminal defense strategy when facing drunk driving charges and to understand the range of options that may be available.

What are penalties for drunk driving in Georgia?

There are typically criminal penalties and administrative consequences for drunk driving. The penalties and consequences associated with drunk driving are serious and can have a significant impact on the present and future of individuals accused of drunk driving and facing a DUI charge. If you are facing a DUI charge, you may wonder what the potential penalties and consequences are and what impact they may have.

Health conditions that can affect a field sobriety test

When a driver is stopped based on suspicion of driving while influenced by drugs or alcohol, the next step is most often the field sobriety test. This test typically consists of three parts and is designed to identify physical symptoms of alcohol impairment. However, this test at times produces false positives, especially in the presence of certain health conditions.

Factors that affect a breathalyzer's accuracy

In most DUI cases, the breathalyzer data is the prosecution's star witness. Many people think that if the breathalyzer shows an elevated blood alcohol count, there is no way to fight the case. However, breathalyzer evidence is not watertight. There are several factors that can impact accuracy. When breathalyzer data becomes potentially invalid, DUI cases may get thrown out. Even when the machine itself is functioning at peak performance, outside factors can result in a false high reading.

The serious impact of felony drunk driving charges

Drunk driving charges are always serious. In some circumstances, an individual accused of driving under the influence may face felony Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges. Felony DUI charges may be charged when injury has been caused, the accused individual has prior DUI convictions or when aggravating circumstances were present. Aggravating factors that may lead to a felony DUI charge can include having a minor was in the vehicle at the time of the arrest, the height of blood alcohol content level measured or a history of driving on a suspended license.

Georgia ranks high in harshness on drunk drivers

A recent report named Georgia the second hardest state in the nation on drunk driving. According to the report, Georgia received a 70 percent ranking for harshness on drunk drivers. Factors used to determine how hard a state is on drunk drivers included evaluating minimum jail sentences, fines and ignition interlock device requirements.

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