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Theft & Property Crimes Archives

Examining a case of deed thievery

Establishing a business as a limited liability company is an effective way of shielding business owners from liability claims against an individual owner. Some alleged thieves, though, are using this business structure to help forward their criminal enterprise. The result is a long list of stolen homes.

What are the various property arson charges and its penalties

In Georgia, there are many different property crimes that can lead to far reaching consequences and significant penalties. Arson charges are serious in that it is not only destroying property, but it can also cause major injury and death. It is important to understand the different penalties of arson in its first, second and third degree as well as the potential penalties that can be assessed with a conviction. For this particular discussion, arson and its charges related to property damage will be the focus.

Experian hacked, Georgia T-Mobile customers beware!

In Georgia, credit cards are the preferred source of money, rather than cash. The convenience of plastic has overweighed the threats to personal information. However, it is important to protect personal information whenever possible. What can be done when a credit reporting agency is breached?

Georgia elementary school burglary

The three "R's" of education are known as reading, writing and arithmetic. Georgia police have added a new "R," recovery, after a botched burglary at an elementary school. The burglary comes on the heels of another theft in the parking lot of the school, though, the identity of the alleged parking lot burglar is not known at this time.

Identity theft in Georgia

The Consumer Trade Commission listed one issue as the most frequently reported complaint: identity theft. Credit card theft can often lead to a loss of identity. Once a Georgian becomes a victim of identity theft, another person can make purchase, open lines of credit and even rent an apartment with another person's financial information.

Former Georgia cop facing federal theft charges

Permanently depriving someone of their property is the foundation of a theft charge. For a theft charge to lead to a conviction, the property much be seized from the other person and the intent must be clearly proven. Georgia theft crimes can involve a variety of things that includes money. A former Georgia police officer knows this more than most as he is currently facing federal theft charges.

Theft by taking and theft by deception

Almost everyone knows what "theft" means in a general sense, but the legal sense can be somewhat different. For those facing theft charges, the details can be very important, and it can be valuable to understand the fine points of Georgia state law's definition of theft.

What is vandalism?

Teenage pranks like egging and graffiti can lead to very serious legal charges. Pop singer Justin Bieber ran into this type of legal trouble last year. It all stemmed from a night filled with expletives and egging of a neighbor's home. The next day there was a visit from the police and thousands of dollars in damage to the neighbor's home.

Charges filed in February murder of Smyrna man

On February 25, 2015, a man from Smyrna, Georgia, lost his life. After an investigation, police believe that the murder occurred during the course of a robbery attempt. Four individuals were recently charged with this man's murder.

What is vandalism of a house of worship?

The Easter season is almost here. For many it marks the start of spring. A time for bunny rabbits and Easter egg hunts. For others it is a religious holiday marked with a variety of services at their chosen place of worship. Believers respect their house of worship and expect that the law will also respect these places.

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