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Domestic Violence Archives

Georgia may see changes to domestic violence laws

Consequences for domestic violence may soon become even more significant in Georgia. A domestic violence bill recently passed the Georgia state senate and will be voted on in the Georgia House of Representatives. The bill could make the first charge of family violence battery a felony if the accused individual had previously been charged with a similar family violence act. The charge would still be a felony even if the previous incident had resulted in a plea bargain or occurred in another state.

What are the consequences of domestic violence in Georgia?

The blog recently discussed domestic violence in Georgia. Georgia residents may have questions and concerns about domestic violence in their communities and domestic violence laws in Georgia. Georgia has a Family Violence Act which not only applies to current spouses but also applies to former spouses; parents of shared children; parents and children; stepparents and stepchildren; foster parents and foster children and individuals living in the same household or who may have formerly been living in the same household.

Understanding family and domestic violence in Georgia

Domestic violence can unfortunately be a complicated issue and can have a significant impact on families. Family violence can impact individuals of different walks of life. Throughout their lifetime, one in four women will experience domestic violence. Men can also experience domestic violence. Family violence is a serious concern throughout the United States and in Georgia.

Millionaire matchmaker contestant charged with domestic violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month in Georgia and throughout the United States. Purple is the color utilized to recognize this important effort. By highlighting the negative effects of domestic violence, advocates hope to eradicate domestic abuse. As many Georgians focus on domestic violence, there are high profile individuals that are being accused of abuse.

Georgia's Grady Memorial incorrectly charges rape victims

Violence between Georgia partners can be both personally and professionally devastating. If there is an allegation of rape, the investigation will include a medical examination to retrieve evidence. This is often conducted at public hospitals, like Grady Memorial. However, a local newspaper investigation has discovered disturbing evidence concerning these examinations.

Understanding the frequency of domestic violence in Georgia

Understanding the impact of domestic violence is an important topic and, in particular, it can be important for Georgia residents to understand the occurrence and impact of domestic violence in their state. During 2012, authorities responded to 72,870 domestic violence incidents in Georgia. This number was up from 71,475 domestic violence incidents in 2011 that authorities in Georgia responded to. The number of domestic violence incidents authorities responded to in 2011 and 2012 was significantly increased from 65,485 domestic violence incidents authorities in Georgia responded to in 2010.

Aggravated assault-family violence charged against Macon woman

Whether perpetrated by the male or female, domestic violence is a serious issue. The charges can also lead to serious penalties for the accused. One Macon Georgia woman is facing serious charges after a domestic results in her husband being hospitalized.

Fighting domestic violence charges in Gwinnett County

Domestic violence is a serious charge that can result in serious penalties under Georgia law. An individual charged with domestic violence can face jail time and fines. In addition, the court will often enter a protective order which can prevent the accused from entering their own home or seeing their children. A domestic violence conviction will result in a criminal record and a damaged reputation.

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