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Theft and property crimes charges require a strong defense

Theft and property crimes are serious criminal charges. When it comes to theft charges, it is important to understand how to navigate the criminal justice process. Felony charges can result from circumstances that may not initially seem as serious, such as the theft of property over $500 or entering property even when nothing is taken. In general, the range of property crimes are all serious and criminal charges associated with theft and property crimes should not be taken lightly.

What are 'graffiti' charges and why are they serious?

Vandalism refers to the destruction or defacing of another person's property without their permission. 'Graffiti' charges are a type of vandalism that may carry significant penalties and consequences for individuals accused of graffiti crimes. In Georgia, graffiti can include words, inscriptions, figures, paintings or other defacements of property. In addition, graffiti can be written, marked, drawn, painted, sprayed, etched, scratched or engraved, or in any other way affixed, to property without the permission of the owner of the property or the occupant of the property.

What is considered vandalism?

If you or a loved one has been charged with vandalism, it is likely you may be wondering what the definition of vandalism is. Vandalism occurs when property is destroyed or defaced without permission. The penalties for vandalism can be significant and can include imprisonment and fines. What exactly is considered vandalism can include a number of activities such as breaking windows, damaging vehicles, graffiti or may include damaging or destroying a website.

What are possible defenses to robbery charges?

As is true of all criminal charges, robbery charges are serious charges for anyone to be facing. For individuals facing robbery charges, and perhaps their families, they may wonder what criminal defense options are available in response to robbery charges. It is important to keep in mind that criminal defense options are always available to accused individuals who always have the right to defend against the charges they are facing.

Georgia high school football coach and wife arrested for theft

Facing criminal charges is a situation no one ever wants to be in but protections are available to accused individuals. The head football coach and Athletic Director of a high school in a Georgia community several hours south of the Gwinnett area was recently arrested on theft charges. The football coach's wife, who serves as cheerleading coach, was also arrested on theft charges. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced that the couple was arrested on theft by taking charges. The couple is facing felony charges for allegedly taking athletic funds they were responsible for administering.

Theft charges can have a significant impact on those accused

There may be a tendency to think that certain criminal accusations are not as serious as others, however, it is important to keep in mind that any criminal accusation can have serious consequences. Accusations of crime can have far-reaching consequences for individuals facing them and those facing such accusations should be aware of these consequences when determining how to respond to criminal charges.

A look at shoplifting charges and how to defend against them

The consequences and penalties that arise from shoplifting accusations and charges can be serious. In general, shoplifting is the theft of merchandise from a store or business establishment. Shoplifting is a larceny crime which refers to taking another's property without their permission and with the intent to deprive them of the property.

Former Georgia city manager arrested on theft charges

The former city manager for the nearby Georgia community was recently arrested for theft charges. The woman's arrest followed a month-long investigation into funds missing in the nearby community wherein she served as city manager. The woman was recently arrested on two felony charges of theft of taking. The 43-year old woman is accused of making $14,000 in fraudulent payroll payments to herself during the five-year period that she served as city manager; she has since resigned the position as city manager. The former city manager is also accused of making $8,000 in personal purchases on two city credit cards.

Attempted robbery leaves one dead

Many Georgia residents utilize Craigslist to locate items at a reasonable price. Choosing to meet a stranger to complete a transaction, though, can be dangerous. Anyone who chooses to utilize Craigslist should proceed with cation. One Augusta, Georgia woman is claiming that she was attacked during a recent Craigslist transaction.

Holiday shoplifting can bring serous penalties

Last week, Georgians celebrated Thanksgiving. With this day of thanks behind us, the nation and the state now look forward to gift-giving during the holiday season. Many will flock to local retailers to find the perfect present for their friends and family. Potential shoppers are not the only ones who may head to the stores, though. In addition to preparing for shoppers, retailers must also focus on potential shoplifters.

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