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Drug Charges Archives

Man who allegedly climbed ladder at fire scene faces drug charges

When firefighters arrive at the scene of a fire, there are a variety of things that are normally expected. Scared individuals that need to be rescued and a fire that is burning out of control are all things that are commonly found at the scene of a fire. Georgia firefighters allegedly encountered a new scenario while fighting a recent apartment fire.

Georgia doctor faces drug distribution charges

Physicians generally have the public trust. When an individual is in pain, he or she visits the doctor to find relief. Any prescriptions that are given are believed to help, not harm the patient. One Georgia physician, however, is having his reputation called into question after facing drug charges.

Buford man arrested on drug charges

While driving on the highway, every driver hopes to never hear a police siren indicating the need to pull over. Traffic stops can be a source of great stress for both the driver and passengers in the vehicle. If the officer decides to go beyond a routine traffic stop and request a search of the vehicle or the driver, there may be concerns that the constitutional rights of the individuals are being violated.

Drunk driver crashes into public bus, injures 11

Drinking alcohol is an enjoyable experience for many residents of Gwinnett County. For most, enjoying a drink or two is an activity that is easily managed and kept under control, making rational and safe decisions in the process. However, there are some people who make less-than-safe decisions when drinking - such as drunk driving. These choices can lead to injury and serious consequences for those who make them, as a recent incident shows.

DeKalb officer in detention center after drug charge

Police officers have the duty to serve and protect. These men and women work to ensure that Georgia residents abide by the laws of the state. This past week an 11-year veteran of the DeKalb County Police Department has been arrested on a string of drug charges.

Why should drug sentencing guidelines be changed?

The "War on Drugs" is a popular phrase that has been used to describe America's ongoing attention to the flow of drugs into the United States and throughout the country. Though there have been many victories over the years, by many accounts, the nation is failing to win this war. This current status has lead government officials to take unconventional steps to remedy the situation.

Pretrial intervention program prevents drug trial

When does a request to purchase a souvenir lead to a criminal investigation? When the souvenir requested is prescription drugs - which ultimately lead to misdemeanor drug charges for a retired University of Georgia professor. Instead of enduring a lengthy trial, the man charged decided to utilize an alternative court program.

Traffic stop by University of Georgia Police ends in drug charges

Being charged with a crime could be very detrimental to the reputation of the accused. This is especially true if the defendant is young and has past charges on their record. In order to reduce the impact of allegations, the accused should seek to defend the charges. This could provide them with the opportunity to reduce the charges against them or possibly have them dropped altogether.

DOJ lends support to retroactive sentencing guidelines

The Department of Justice is making bold moves to combat prison overcrowding, while still addressing public safety. In light of new sentencing guidelines for those already imprisoned on drug charges, the DOJ now moves to support reduced sentencing to those currently incarcerated.

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