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Drug Charges Archives

What are search warrants?

It is important for individuals facing drug charges or other criminal charges to be familiar with their rights and how those rights impact criminal defense options. One important right that all individuals accused of crimes have is the right to defend against the charges against them. The best criminal defense option for a particular situation is a contextual decision that should be carefully made based on familiarity with the individual's unique situation and the rights all individuals accused of crimes enjoy. Many individuals accused of a crime may have heard of the importance of a search warrant but wondered what the importance actually is.

Can I be charged with the crime of 'doctor shopping'?

The phrase "doctor shopping" has taken on a very negative meaning in recent years. Today, it typically refers to visiting multiple physicians or health care providers in an attempt to obtain multiple prescriptions for the same drug.

Drug charges require a strong defense

Drug charges are unquestionably serious charges for anyone facing them. Drug charges can include drug possession charges, intent to distribute charges, drug trafficking charges or other drug-related charges and can carry significant penalties and consequences. Potential penalties for drug charges, depending on the drug crime charged and the circumstances, can include time in prison, steep fines and other negative consequences.

Defending against drug charges in Georgia

A few weeks ago, this blog reviewed the penalties associated with marijuana possession in the state of Georgia. Anyone convicted of possession could lose his or her driving privileges for a minimum of 180 days for a first offense. Restoring the license requires several hundred dollars in court fees. In addition to the legal penalties, there is the social stigma that may accompany a drug possession conviction. These factors create difficult hurdles for individuals trying to get their life back on track after a conviction.

What are the penalties for possessing marijuana in Georgia?

Many people believe that using marijuana responsibly isn't a bad thing and doesn't make you a bad person. In fact, the nonprofit advocacy group NORML is a strong voice on behalf of marijuana users nationwide. This group has been lobbying for the legalization of marijuana since 1970.

Early release for non-violent drug offenders in Georgia

The criminal justice system has undergone a major sea change over the past few months. This change of approach towards some non-violent offenders has led to the largest release of federal inmates in history. Over the past week, a reported 6,000 non-violent drug offenders were released back into society.

What elements can enhance a drug charge?

Willful possession of certain drugs is a crime in the state of Georgia. Charges of drug possession also include the possession of drug paraphernalia. In some cases, the possession of substances that are used to make certain illegal substances can also lead to drug charges.

Georgia attorney faces drug charges

Anyone can be accused of a crime. It does not matter your social economic status or your title. Everyone is subject to the criminal justice system. A criminal accusation of any kind can have devastating effects on a defendant's ability to make a living or to rehabilitate their reputation in the community. Lawyers, despite the punchline of many jokes, are respected members of their communities. The discipline required to complete law school and pass the bar garners the admiration and respect of many. Recently, a Georgia attorney was arrested after allegedly distributing illegal drugs instead of legal advice.

Botched search warrant yields federal charges

Imagine sitting in your home and watching police take it over. The fear and shock of the moment would escalate even more when police enter the bedroom of your sleeping 19 month old. Soon you hear an explosion from the baby's room. Later you discover a flash bang grenade was thrown into his crib and he now suffers from irreversible damage. This is the reality for one Georgia family during a 2014 house raid that went horribly wrong.

Navigating charges of possession and intent to distribute

Facing drug charges can be a very freighting ordeal. The prospect of doing prison time compounded with the many other penalties drug charges can bring is a situation no one would want to find themselves in. While it may be easy to look back and point to mistakes made leading up to the charges, doing so will not help the current situation at all. First, it’s important to understand some of the drug charges that can be mounted against an individual.

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