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Georgia trio arrested following Indiana car chase

Three women, who reportedly refer to themselves as the "Felony Lane Gang," were recently arrested in Indiana following a brief car chase. The woman were wanted on felony warrants for a number of break-ins and thefts, and had previously taunted authorities on social media.

Facing robbery charges in Atlanta

Robbery is considered a serious criminal felony in Georgia and can result in life-changing consequences. Under O.C.G.A. 16-8-40, robbery is a theft and property crime that is generally defined as a theft committed by use of force, intimidation, or sudden snatching. Prosecutors have a legal duty to prove that a defendant is guilty by establishing that they committed one of these three forms of robbery beyond a reasonable doubt.

The consequences of shoplifting in Georgia

Shoplifters in Georgia may face criminal charges, jail time and other stiff penalties. Shoplifting may be committed in any number of ways. A person who commits a shoplifting crime will be subject to criminal charges with a range of sentencing guidelines. An imposed sentence will depend on the number of previous offenses and the monetary amount of stolen items.

Graffiti and other vandalism leads to criminal charges in Georgia

While there is no denying that graffiti artists are often quite creative and skilled, there are consequences to their actions. Under Georgia law, graffiti, also known as street art, is considered a form of vandalism. Any person defacing property without consent of the owner can be charged with criminal trespass, if the damage to the property totals less than $500. This is a misdemeanor offense, and is punishable by up to one year in jail and imposed fines. The state also considers the defacement of grave markers, plaques, memorials and monuments of service members in any manner to warrant a criminal trespass charge, regardless of the monetary amount of damage.

How is a robbery charge different from a burglary charge?

It's somewhat commonplace to hear the terms robbery and burglary in the news. Many may think the terms are interchangeable, however, that is not the case. There are key differences between burglary and robbery that one facing these accusations would want to know and fully understand.

Vandalism charge could have lasting impact

Have you or a loved one been accused of vandalism? Vandalism can be defined in two ways in Georgia, as criminal trespass or as criminal damage to property. If the damage caused by vandalism exceeds $500, it could result in a felony charge. Most wouldn't consider vandalism a felony, but it can be tried that way in this state.

Armed robbery, other crimes facing accused Gwinnett county man

There are many ways a person can commit a crime against another. Violent crimes top the list as the most serious in terms of outcomes for those involved and potential penalties for those accused. Recently, police in Gwinnett county were on the look-out for a burglary suspect. After a recent home invasion turned deadly, they now believe they have their man.

Theft & property crimes can have far-reaching consequences

There are many non-violent crimes one can be accused of. However, one type of crime that can have far-reaching consequences is theft & property crimes. Why is theft such a big deal? What factors can compound a theft accusation to make the charge more serious?

Avoid future impacts of theft and property crimes charges

There is more at stake than just your reputation when accused of a crime. While word may spread quickly in a small town, word can spread even quicker by those who have access to the internet. Since arrests are a matter of public record, you may be wondering what other potential impact a charge of theft and property crimes could have on you and your family.

Former Gwinnett county police officer accused of theft

It's proof that no-one escapes the long arm of the law when an ex-police officer is accused of theft and property crimes. While the woman hasn't officially been employed with Gwinnett county since 2014, she is facing charges related to alleged thefts that occurred while she was employed with the police department. Theft crimes can manifest with physical property and it can also happen electronically. The latter are the focus of the accusations against the former police officer.

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