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Facing family violence charges in Georgia

According to O.C.G.A. Sec. 19-13-1, Georgia's Family Violence Act, many different behaviors toward family members could result in charges of family violence. Generally, these behaviors include battery, assault, stalking, criminal property damage, criminal trespass, and unlawful restraint. These behaviors can occur between past and current spouses, parents of the same child, parents and children, and former or current housemates. The law does, however, permit parents to use reasonable methods to discipline their children in the form of corporal punishment, restraint or detention.

Our firm can help defend against domestic violence charges

When police are called to handle domestic disputes, it is sometimes difficult to know which party was the instigator. However, police are generally trained to make an arrest even if no one is in immediate danger. In some cases, one party will falsely accuse the other of domestic violence out of anger or in an attempt to get revenge, and the wrong party will get arrested.

Domestic violence allegations could result in criminal charges

Everyone gets angry, disagreements are a part of life and part of the spectrum of normal human emotion. However, sometimes arguments or disagreements can go too far. If an argument has gotten physical or if there have been allegations of domestic violence, it can have implications for all involved. Usually there are two sides to this story, and sometimes it can be up to the courts to decide the outcome.

Can victims of domestic violence seek a protection order?

Domestic violence can happen to anyone. However, it most frequently happens to couples residing at the same residence, and, statistically, the victims are typically women. Protection orders are available to anyone who believes they are a victim of domestic violence. There are many different kinds of protection orders and they can be enforced based on Georgia state law.

Domestic violence conviction can impact more than you think

Sometimes people don't always get along. While this can mean a lot of things from disagreements to arguments even to physical altercations, no-one wants to disagree to such a point with people in their lives. However, these things can sometimes get out of control to the point that yourself and loved ones can be involved in a domestic violence situation. Oftentimes, these stories have more than just one side.

Are you facing experiences related to domestic violence?

Conflict is a part of life. Whether it's conflict at home or at work, sometimes two sides or more have opposing views on how to approach something or in how they react to a situation. While conflict is sometimes unavoidable, the way in which a person approaches conflict is key to handling the situation with ease and grace. Conflict incorporating allegations of domestic violence isn't a positive or acceptable form of conflict resolution.

The role of the victim in a domestic violence defense

Some fights are pointless, while others get out of hand. We do not always get along with our loved ones, but we are still able to maintain the relationship in most cases. For some individuals in Georgia, a dispute can go from minor to aggressive. Domestic violence is a complex matter that could sever a relationship and cause an individual to face criminal charges.

Domestic violence increases during holidays but reports decrease

It might be the most wonderful time of the year, but the holiday season has an ability to bring out the worst in some. Although it is the time of togetherness and spending quality time with family, it is also a time where disagreements are more likely to occur.

Domestic violence and protecting your rights

While the holidays are considered a joyful time and a time of togetherness, this is not the case for all families and individuals in Georgia and elsewhere. For some, spending time with family members sparks negative thoughts and emotions. This in turn could evolve into an argument.

Helping you resolve domestic dispute matters

Family matter can be complex, but when they turn hostile or violent, this could evolve into a domestic violence situation. Allegations of domestic abuse can stem from a wide variety of situations; divorce and family law matters are two frequent ones. Being on either side of a domestic dispute can be difficult and emotional; however, facing criminal charges can further complicate the matter, especially since it could result in criminal penalties.

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