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Understanding arson and insurance fraud charges

As previously discussed on this Georgia blog, when damage is done to the property of others, this could result in criminal penalties. Even if it seems minimal or is supposed to be artistic, property crimes carry serious consequences. While property can be damaged when it is defaced, it can also be damaged by fire.

Understanding vandalism charges

We all encounter the property of others; whether it is when we walk into a building, are at a private residence or when we walk in a parking lot. While this might be a common experience in Georgia and other states across the nation. However, when property becomes damaged, individuals in the area might be suspected of doing it. Although property damage occurs in accidents, it could also occur intentionally, resulting in criminal charges against the accused.

What is considered to be a bribe?

We all want to get our way and experience favorable outcomes as much as possible. This often causes individuals to take additional steps to ensure that this course takes place. While this could be a valid and legal step to take in some cases, in others, it could be considered illegal. When an individual seeks to influence a government or public official or employee by providing gifts or money, this is considered bribery if it is in exchange for favorable treatment. Such conduct could result in a bribery charge.

Three credit union employees accused of theft

Property laws have been designed to protect the personal property of individuals in Georgia and elsewhere. In addition, criminal laws have been designed to penalize those who have taken property that does not belong to them. Those accused of theft could face serious penalties if convicted; therefore, it is important that defendants understand the charges against them and what steps they could take to overcome this situation, initiate a defense and avoid consequences.

Strategizing a defense against theft charges

Facing allegations of a crime is a difficult predicament to be in. Just because an individual is accused of taking something, this does not mean there is no explanation for it or a defense that proves that the accused did not commit the crime. The state tends to build up a big case against a defendant; however, there are mechanisms to poke holes in their case, which in turn can weaken the evidence used to charge a person with a theft or property crime.

Georgia contractor faces multiple theft charges

Being accused of a crime does not only place an individual in a predicament that could result in criminal penalties, but it could also result in a defendant's personal and professional life being severely impacted. Thus, when allegations such as theft related to a person's employment occur, a defendant should take the time to fully understand the circumstances surrounding the charges, helping them initiate a strong defense.

Helping you assert a strong defense against property crimes

When one thinks of theft, he or she is likely thinking about a major robbery or a shoplifter. Theft can occur in a variety of ways, landing suspects in a predicament that could result in serious penalties. Whether you are accused of minor theft or armed robbery, it is important to understand the situation you are in, what consequences you could endure and what criminal defense options are available to you.

Even a "little" crime can have far reaching consequences

Many residents of Gwinnett County, Georgia, may not see most property crimes as all that serious. Many pre-teens, teenagers and young adults, more than one might think, have been accused of theft on account of an alleged shoplifting incident, and others get in trouble with the law for pranks like painting graffiti or stringing toilet paper on someone's property.

Three arrested in Georgia for attempted robbery and other charges

This blog recently discussed the serious nature of robbery charges, emphasizing the importance for accused individuals to understand that criminal defense options may be available in any situation when criminal charges are involved. While it might be difficult to fully assess your situation, defendants are afforded the ability to challenge evidence and seek reduced or dismissed charges.

What are robbery charges and penalties in Georgia?

In Georgia, it is important to understand that theft laws make it illegal to take property from another party through the threat or use of force. There may be questions out there concerning what types of circumstances may constitute robbery in Georgia, and it is important to understand the criminal charges associated with robbery.

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