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How is manslaughter different from a murder charge?

Most people do not have the intent behind their thoughts and actions in which they plan to hurt or even kill someone. The truth is, people can die in accidents or as the result of an unforeseen series of events. When a person dies suddenly or unexpectedly, the law or the family may be looking for answers as to why. Sometimes that can result in a manslaughter charge and it's important to understand how it's different from a murder charge.

Man arrested in Ocala wanted in Georgia for other charges

An arrest in one state could reveal that the accused in facing charges in another state. Facing multiple state and federal charges is a complex and overwhelming position to be in. For some defendants, they may look at their situation as hopeless, as law enforcement has collected evidence against them. However, this is not true as there are many opportunities to poke holes in a case by asserting a criminal defense.

Helping to understand conspiracy charges

While criminal charges require some element that proves the accused broke the law, not all crimes are based on the same elements. Additionally, not all crimes can be charged if an individual is accused of the crime. For example, in order to face a criminal conspiracy charge, two or more people must be a part of the presumed illegal act.

Determining the best defense strategy for you

Facing criminal charges is an overwhelming experience. When individuals in Georgia and elsewhere are charged with a crime, they may be unsure about what the can and should do. Because the state has collected evidence against you, it can be an intimidating experience. However, not all evidence can stand. Additionally, defendants are afforded a wide variety of defense options, making it vital that they assess what options apply to them.

Can I lose my right to own a gun after a domestic assault case?

Although domestic abuse really is a horrible thing, the reality is that many residents of Gwinnett County and those who live in other parts of the Atlanta metro area wind up getting accused of it. Many times, tempers can flare within the home and, before one knows it, police are at the door.

Three charged in death of business executive

Officials claim that three men invaded the upscale home of an elderly business executive who lived in the Atlanta metro area and fatally stabbed him in the course of a robbery. Although two of the men were arrested shortly after the incident, one man was arrested one week later, after police located him at his house. The arrest reportedly happened peacefully and without incident.

Georgia teen facing adult felony charges stemming from party

Scapegoating is part of human nature. In our desire to make sense of the often chaotic world around us, we tend to look for causal factors wherever we can find them, and are quite willing to connect dots that may have a tenuous relationship to each other while pursuing that goal. Police and prosecutors in Georgia are human beings, and sometimes they come up with connections that may or may not be warranted.

What are the phases of a criminal trial?

A criminal trial can be an overwhelming process and can be a significant concern for any accused individual facing criminal charges. Criminal trials are based on guilt or innocence and the prosecution must prove the accused individual's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A criminal trial also provides the opportunities for criminal defense. There are six primary phases of a criminal trial and anyone facing criminal charges may wonder more about them.

Understanding the steps in the plea negotiation process

One way that criminal cases can be resolved is through an agreement achieved through the plea negotiation process. Most criminal cases are resolved outside of court and without a trial using the plea negotiation process. Resolving criminal cases through the plea negotiation process can be beneficial for several reasons, keeping in mind it is helpful to have informed guidance about the process and criminal defense options when determining how to respond to criminal charges.

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