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Did you know that Georgia has a 'Super Speeder' law?

Georgia readers know that state laws are strict regarding traffic violations. One of the most common traffic violations is speeding, and while this may seem like a relatively harmless action, it can result in serious penalties. In some cases, traffic law violators may earn the label of "Super Speeder."

Numerous factors can impact BAC levels

Going out for drinks is an enjoyable way to pass the time for many people. You and your friends or loved ones can chat and catch up over some beer, wine, whiskey or other alcoholic beverages of your choice. You could have such a good time that you may attribute your feelings of happiness and lack of inhibition to the company of your friends rather than the drinks you consumed.

Your future may hang in the balance of your balance skills

Remember when you were a kid and you'd compete against your siblings or friends to see who could stand on one foot the longest? Little did you know then that being the champion of the game in your Georgia neighborhood would one day come in handy during a traffic stop. Standing on one foot (while counting out loud) is a common type of Field Sobriety Test that a police officer may ask you to perform if he or she suspects you of drunk driving.

Can you get back a suspended license in Georgia?

Losing your right to drive is serious. It can impact your ability to take yourself to work, school and other important places. It can impact your career, your education and even taking your kids back and forth to school. If you lost your Georgia driver's license to suspension, you need to know how to get it back as quickly as possible.

Safeguarding your future with a strong strategy for defense

If you are facing charges for driving under the influence of alcohol, you might have concerns about how the process will affect your future. DUI charges carry severe penalties, and if convicted, you could be facing a variety of consequences that may disrupt your life in numerous ways.

What types of evidence may go into a DUI charge?

Whenever a person has criminal allegations brought against him or her, the details and evidence differs from case to case. Therefore, numerous elements often need to go into consideration before authorities bring charges against you. The type of information that police need to gather may depend on the exact type of situation that has taken place.

Has disturbing the peace disrupted your life?

Maybe it's just not in you to play by the rules, and you are willing to take chances if it means having a good time with friends or making your point loud and clear. You may make enemies as easily as you make friends, but your presence guarantees that those around will have an interesting time. On the other hand, maybe being loud and boisterous is not your style, and you just got caught up in the moment.

Seeking guidance when a ticket fine is the least of your worries

Many individuals rely on the ability to drive to reach important destinations, such as work. Perhaps you do not live within walking distance of your place of employment. If so, losing your driving privileges could cause you to be unable to retain your position, which can have devastating consequences. This is just one example of how a traffic violation might disrupt your daily life.

Vague "move over" laws confuse drivers

Driving on Georgia highways is not always easy. In many areas, congested traffic makes travel frustrating, and your daily commute may leave you tense and agitated when you finally arrive home from work. However, for those who work in emergency services and utility response, arriving home safely is their most fervent hope.

Busted at a bus stop

It is already spring, but the school year doesn't end for a couple of months. As summer approaches, drivers may get complacent about the presence of school buses, and children may be careless when crossing the street. Nevertheless, Georgia school bus laws are strict, and rightly so.

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