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Can a criminal conviction jeopardize a college studentʼs education?

If your child is currently applying to colleges or studying at a college, they are still forming the foundations of their future potential for success. Every move they make could positively or negatively affect their future. Therefore, as their parent, you will be eager to make sure that they make wise choices and stay out of trouble with the law.

While getting good grades, engaging in extra-curricular activities, and gaining high-quality work experience is important for your child’s future career, so too is staying out of trouble with the law. Being even slightly above the legal alcohol limit when driving could lead to a DUI conviction and life-changing consequences. If your child has recently got into trouble with the law and you are worried about what this will mean for their future, the following is an overview of how this could affect them and what you can do about it.

University policies have the authority

Every university has different policies when it comes to students and criminal activity. While smaller first-time offenses may lead to very minor consequences, felony convictions or more serious repeat offenses could lead to expulsion from the university.

A criminal conviction can haunt even the most successful graduates

Often, whether or not your child will be able to complete their degree will not be the issue. Having a criminal record can mean that your child will miss out on top jobs, and their career could be severely stifled as a result. Even when prospective employers see that a candidate graduated from a great university, if they choose to conduct a background check they will see that they have a criminal record and could be inclined to not hire them because of this fact.

Taking early and aggressive action to help your child defend themselves against the charges that have been brought against them will be the key to avoiding the negative consequences that come with a criminal conviction.


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