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Your food could put you over the limit: Here’s why

Like most people, you probably like to eat good food. You enjoy going to restaurants and eating things that are not the usual. Sometimes, those dishes are made with alcohol, but that all burns off during the cooking process, right?

The truth is: Not always. There are actually many different foods that contain alcohol in a high enough level that you could become intoxicated. It all comes down to how the food is prepared and how much you eat. Of course, the total percentage of alcohol added matters, too.

When is the alcohol added to the dish? This is the most important question

The most important aspect of the dish to consider is when the alcohol was added. If it’s added prior to baking or boiling, the likelihood is that the majority may evaporate. If it’s added after the dish is done cooking and just added to simmer, then there is a greater chance of a higher alcohol content.

What are you drinking with dinner?

Another factor that will affect your night is what you’re drinking with dinner. If you drink a cocktail and then have an alcohol-heavy meal, you should account for the alcohol in your meal as well as the drink you’ve had. If you don’t, you could find that your blood alcohol content is higher than you thought, and you could end up behind the wheel when you shouldn’t be.

It’s always important to be cautious when you ingest foods that could contain alcohol, because they may just put you over the limit. If that happens, you could end up in a crash or be stopped for a drunk driving offense. If you are stopped, then you may need to consider a defense to help avoid serious penalties.

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