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A DUI in college can cost money, and a lot more

Your heart started racing the moment those red and blue lights lit up your car that night, but your stress levels there may have just been the beginning. If an officer charges you with driving under the influence, you may have a lot more to worry about than your arrest record.

Driving under the influence (DUI) in Georgia could come with a price tag around $10,000, but the actual costs may go far beyond that number. A charge like this could make college harder than it ever has to be, so make sure you prepare for the range of consequences you could face.

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Getting convicted of a DUI can quickly turn overwhelming with repercussions coming from all sides:

  • Legal trouble: Even on a first offense, you could be looking at serious consequences. Possible jail time, a mountain of fines and a suspended license could all be in your future, and that could put a heavy weight on your shoulders when classes are in session.
  • College conduct: Colleges often put a code of conduct in place that lays out expectations for each student while attending their university. Your school could find you in violation of that code even by getting charged with a misdemeanor, never mind getting a conviction. The school may go so far as to seek suspension or expulsion if the charges warrant.
  • Student aid: Convictions can sometimes limit your chances of continuing student aid. Your odds of receiving federal funding can shrink drastically if your DUI involves drug or felony charges. Other forms of scholarships and private aid may come with their own rules regarding convictions.

Knowing the stakes can help you prepare for the incoming challenges. Educate yourself on the proceedings and rely on experienced counsel to help you navigate the fray after a DUI arrest, and you may be able to save all that stressing for school.


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