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How to keep a divorce from interfering with your job

Divorce can take an emotional and financial toll on both spouses and their children as well as their extended family members. If the breakup is contentious, the effects can spill over to mutual friends and even into the workplace.

While the process can overwhelm even the most patient and understanding person, many people try to make sure that any negative feelings or behavior remain outside the walls of where they work. That boundary is especially important for someone with an impeccable work reputation.

Consider the workplace as a refuge

Divorce is a stressful time for anyone going through the process. However, it’s essential to keep boundaries intact when it comes to your job by following tips such as:

  • Find emotional support outside the office: Avoiding conversations with co-workers about your divorce is crucial from a legal as well as a practical standpoint. You may have to ask an HR person for documents related to your work, but keep those conversations focused on the information you need for your divorce.
  • Work with your spouse: A protracted legal battle means you will need to take more time away from work to attend meetings with lawyers and court hearings, which means your productivity could be affected. Adopting a cooperative approach can also save time and money.
  • Set aside time for divorce matters: All divorce business can’t be handled at night or during off-hours. Setting aside an hour of your day to read and respond to emails or calls from your attorney can help you keep your personal life from invading your work duties.
  • Separate work and personal emails: Closing your personal email account while at work removes potential distractions. Some people create email accounts specifically to contain all their divorce-related correspondence.
  • Keep your attorney in the loop: Let your lawyer know of any planned business meetings or trips, so conflicts are avoided with court hearings or other meetings. Cancelling business obligations to make a court date could hurt your standing in the eyes of an employer.

Seek experienced legal guidance

Divorce can encroach upon every aspect of your life unless you make a conscious effort to keep it from being a distraction. Putting these measures in place can help you maintain your stellar reputation and productivity in the workplace. An experienced family law attorney here in Georgia can help you achieve that work-life balance while being your advocate for the best possible settlement, or fighting for your interests in court.

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