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Georgia DUI penalties: multiple and consequential

There is no shortage of online overviews addressing the consequences of a drunk driving arrest and conviction in Georgia. Although they might differ a bit in the details, those summaries unanimously concur on one central point.

That is this: Georgia criminal penalties relevant to DUI offenses are harsh, and notably so.

We know that well at the Lawrenceville Law Firm of Christopher T. Adams, P.C. We underscore the “serious charges” that a DUI conviction in the state can yield for any motorist unfortunate enough to receive the full measure of potential exactions in a given case.

Our firm’s website also notes the following, though, based on our attorney’s decades of impassioned, aggressive and knowledge representation of DUI defendants: There is often much that proven legal counsel can do to mitigate the downsides of state charges.

We focus always on optimal outcomes for the diverse and valued clients who need our help defending against drunk driving allegations. As we note on a relevant firm practice page, our advocacy routinely proceeds “with an eye toward minimizing the impact this type of allegation can have on your life.”

The need for any driver residing in the Atlanta metro area or elsewhere in Georgia who faces DUI charges to secure timely and effective legal representation is manifestly evident. Even a first drunk driving charge can yield multiple and onerous penalties. Those range widely from license suspension, heavy fines and spiraling insurance premiums to imposed community service, alcohol/drug evaluation and probation.

And, of course, jail time is a distinct possibility.

The role of a proven DUI defense is to diligently seek a best-case outcome in every client matter. Georgia residents with questions or concerns regarding any aspect of a drunk driving arrest can contact an experienced DUI defense firm for further information.

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