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Defenses against first-time assault charges

Desperate times can sometimes call for drastic measures. When an individual feels threatened by someone else, they may resort to physical force to protect themselves or others against impending danger. These circumstances can put those participating in self-defense in a difficult spot. It doesn’t matter if the person was acting with good intentions; if they get charged with assault, they could face some severe consequences if found guilty.

However, if it’s the accused’s first time being charged, it may be easier for them to keep the incident off their record.

What is legally considered assault?

The state of Georgia identifies two different types of assault. The first is called “simple assault,” where an individual attempts to physically harm someone through a verbal threat. The second one is “aggravated assault,” where an individual harms someone through a physical attack using their body, a deadly weapon or other object.

Common defenses

Those accused may want to consider these defenses:

  • They felt they were being threatened or physically harmed by the other person.
  • They had a reasonable, truthful and perceived fear they were physically in danger.
  • They felt there was no chance to escape the situation other than using physical force.

People have the right to protect themselves

There are some instances where an individual may need to defend themselves or others from physical harm. While accusations of assault can be serious, there are several defenses the accused have available. If someone is charged with assault, an experienced criminal defense attorney in Georgia could help examine the evidence and defend their case in court.

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