When police are called to handle domestic disputes, it is sometimes difficult to know which party was the instigator. However, police are generally trained to make an arrest even if no one is in immediate danger. In some cases, one party will falsely accuse the other of domestic violence out of anger or in an attempt to get revenge, and the wrong party will get arrested.

Once someone has been arrested, the accusing party may regret their actions shortly thereafter and make up with their partner, but the damage has already been done. Even if the alleged victim decides not to press charges, the district attorney’s office may decide to prosecute the case anyway. The decision to prosecute will depend on a number of factors, including evidence of physical injuries and a past history of violence. If the prosecutor decides to go forward with the case against you, the Law Firm of Christopher T. Adams P.C., is available to help you.

Attorney Christopher Adams has years of experience dealing with domestic violence cases and will give you an honest evaluation of your case. As your attorney, he can review all the evidence in your case and come up with an effective defense strategy to use in court. Many people accused of domestic violence were acting in self-defense, while others were simply the victims of false accusations. Our firm can help give you the best chance of having your charges dropped or reduced.

If you are facing domestic violence charges, contact our firm as soon as possible for a free initial consultation.