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Georgia trio arrested following Indiana car chase

Three women, who reportedly refer to themselves as the “Felony Lane Gang,” were recently arrested in Indiana following a brief car chase. The woman were wanted on felony warrants for a number of break-ins and thefts, and had previously taunted authorities on social media.

State police allege that the break-ins have occurred in parks and gyms across Newton County, Gwinnett County and Clarke County, and the women targeted purses and other items that were left out during workouts. The women apparently used rental cars as they committed their thefts. An Indiana State police officer apparently saw the women for speeding on the interstate in a rental car, but when the officer tried to pull them over, they tried to get away. Eventually, the officer successfully pulled them over in a nearby town. The officer apparently found credit cards, checkbooks, social security cards and IDs belonging to other people in the women’s vehicle and officers are alleging that these items were stolen.

Indiana prosecutors are looking into charges relating to the car chase. The women will likely be extradited to our state to face additional criminal charges.

In Georgia, theft and property crime charges can stem from shoplifting, theft of property, theft by conversion and other types of theft. A person can be charged for a theft-related crime if they take possession of some else’s property with the intent to deprive that person of the property. In cases involving stolen identification cards and other personal information, a person can also be charged with identity theft or fraud.

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