It’s somewhat commonplace to hear the terms robbery and burglary in the news. Many may think the terms are interchangeable, however, that is not the case. There are key differences between burglary and robbery that one facing these accusations would want to know and fully understand.

Understanding the charges will help a person defend themselves to the best of their abilities. While both accusations of robbery and burglary include the theft of personal property, the circumstances and means of the alleged crime are different. Robbery may include physical harm or the threat of physical harm, sometimes with a weapon. However, burglary is a theft in which a person suffers actual harm. Basically, robbery is theft that is accomplished with violence or the threat of violence.

Burglary often includes actually harm to the person who was burglarized in a theft & property crime. For example, if a person was kicked in the ribs by an intruder during a break-in, the intruder will likely be charged with burglary since actual violence occurred. In contrast, theft is a lesser charge and would include the taking of a person’s property without the threat of violence.

If you or a loved one is facing charges related to burglary or robbery, there are often questions about the potential implications of the charges. If the word “armed” is included in the charges, this means that it is alleged that a gun or other weapon was used in the crime. This would make the charge more serious. Seeking an experienced attorney can be helpful for people in these types of situation.