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Man charged with DUI, related charges after fatal accident

An Atlanta man recently lost his life in a motor vehicle accident that claimed his life. As the details of the crash started to unfold, it appeared that the other vehicle he was involved in the accident with was suspected of impaired driving behaviors. After an investigation, police have officially charged the man in the other vehicle.

The morning of the accident, the deceased was headed to his job at Chick-Fil-A around 4:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning. At some point during the man’s morning commute, the vehicle driven by the accused t-boned the man’s vehicle. The injuries resulted in the man’s death. According to reports, the accused was just leaving a nearby strip club. In addition, a personal injury suit was filed against the business where the man allegedly left intoxicated claiming they are responsible for the man’s death as they knowingly let the ‘noticeably intoxicated’ leave the building in his valeted vehicle.

Neither the criminal charges nor the civil suit have an outcome. Certainly, one could affect the other. It isn’t known from the article on what grounds the state has for bringing charges of DUI, vehicular homicide, driving on a suspended license and other charges. It’s possible the accused submitted a breath test or a blood test just after the car accident. Oftentimes with car accidents, this information can be taken unknowingly by blood, which is legal in most instances.

For the man, a drunk driving conviction in this case can mean more than a revoked license. Because the car accident resulted in a fatality, he is facing felony charges. Felony charges bring penalties of one year or more in jail. Building a quality criminal defense in this case or any case requires understanding the charges against oneself and reacting appropriately.

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