There are many ways a person can commit a crime against another. Violent crimes top the list as the most serious in terms of outcomes for those involved and potential penalties for those accused. Recently, police in Gwinnett county were on the look-out for a burglary suspect. After a recent home invasion turned deadly, they now believe they have their man.

The robberies were happening in Gwinnett County, and the accused faces charges for at least two of them. The man was arrested after a neighbor’s video surveillance appeared to show the man in and around the house the day of the incident. Authorities claim they were able to locate items directly linking the accused to the crime and many other crimes, including another home invasion.

The first home invasion happened July 28 at another house on the same street, Grand Manor Trail. In the most recent home invasion on Grand Manor Trail in Snellville a man was killed. Authorities also reported that the means of accessing the homes were the same in both armed robberies. Allegedly, the screen on an open window was pried off for the intruder to gain access to the inside of the home. The man accused is being held without bond on charges of homicide, theft and property crimes like home invasion and armed robbery.

These charges are very serious and should be responded to with a criminal defense strategy. Determining how to move forward with this depends on the specific charges. As the details begin to unfold, the accused will have to process the potential outcomes and potential consequences.