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Disney figurines in Gwinnett county found to contain $2M of meth

Cartoons and figurines are meant for kids or at the very least, to be family-friendly. These iconic figures, like Disney figures, are innocent and have a squeaky-clean reputation. However, that reputation is quickly tarnished when it is decided that a cartoon figurine is a good place in which to store or transport illicit drugs. Roughly $2M worth of methamphetamine was recently found in dozens of Disney figurines intercepted in Gwinnett county.

To be clear, these figurines are not suspected to be made in connection with Disney, they are likely replicas of the same designs. The wax figurines, approximately 500 in all, contained methamphetamine packed inside the figurine. These were intercepted by agents who claim that the methamphetamine was destined for the streets of Atlanta. Another shipment contained legitimate ceramic figurines which authorities claim were a decoy for the drug-laden figurines. Drug charges have yet to be filed but would likely contain charges related to intent to distribute or drug trafficking.

The figurines were mailed from Mexico with a final destination to be Gwinnett county. Investigators did not reveal how the figurines and drugs were discovered but they were sent by mail. Border patrol and the mailing agencies do have measures and protocols to prevent these types of illegal shipments from getting through onto US soil. Drug trafficking and related drug charges can have serious consequences if convicted of such charges.

Thinking about this fairly complex attempt at transporting illicit substances, this one definitely gets points for creativity. However, using a child’s hero as a cavity for hard drugs like methamphetamine is a morally questionable decision at the least. Likely drug charges will be filed in connection with this case. Every person accused of a crime has the right to build a criminal defense against such a serious allegation.

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