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Accusations of credit card theft can result in criminal charges

When a person thinks about stealing, or taking something of someone else’s without permission, they often think about physical items or physical property. However, the 21st century has unleashed an entire inter web of possibilities in how property is available to us and utilized. Much of a person’s day-to-day activities will consists of online transactions. Whether completed by credit card, bank transfer or other electronic means, these transactions and monetary property is just as real as any physical property.

If someone is accused of unauthorized use of credit cards or other electronic payment methods, this could result in serious criminal charges. Beyond the actual unauthorized use of a credit card, there is another level of theft known as identity fraud. Identity fraud is more serious, but often goes hand-in-hand with accusations of credit card theft, especially if a person’s secure and private information was accessed without permission. Theft charges are determined by the severity of and frequency and are based in Georgia state law.

Potential consequences of a credit card theft conviction or identity theft conviction can vary. Fines, jail time and other repercussions are often taken against those convicted of theft & property crimes. Certain elements must be present to prove credit card fraud has occurred. This can also include the theft of the sensitive information of the card for the purpose of selling that information to someone else.

If you are facing theft charges, it is important to understand where these accusations stem from. It could be for the theft of physical property or for the theft of a person’s personal and sensitive information for the purpose of credit card fraud. Either way, these activities both can result in theft and property crimes accusations. Any criminal charge has the right to be defended in a court of law.

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