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What is the use of a BAC test?

Being accused of drunk driving is a difficult situation. A lot is put at risk when a driver is asked to step out of their vehicle for a field sobriety test. Officers will note all the details uncovered during that test, which could provide them with the information needed to proceed with a blood alcohol concentration or BAC test. The results of this test could result in a driver facing a DUI charge.

Most Georgia residents are aware of these breath tests. However, these tests may not be the most reliable way to test one’s BAC. And, some drivers request other tools or tests to ensure the results are accurate.

Breathalyzers, which are lightweight and portable, are commonly used because they can provide immediate results. This device measures the alcohol that passes through the lungs as blood flows through them. While these are considered to be fairly accurate, environmental factors can cause inaccuracies.

Blood tests usually require consent. But, refusing to take this test could result in legal consequences. This test is considered to be more accurate, though, lab errors could result in bad results.

Finally, BAC could be assessed through a urine test. These are less accurate than breath tests and blood tests. Studies show that a urine test could provide results that are significantly higher or lower than the true BAC measurement.

When defending against a DUI, defendants need to be aware of how their BAC was measured. If the test was not properly done or a machine was not calibrated, this could cause erroneous results. Then, defendants could use this information to defend against a DUI charge.

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