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Three credit union employees accused of theft

Property laws have been designed to protect the personal property of individuals in Georgia and elsewhere. In addition, criminal laws have been designed to penalize those who have taken property that does not belong to them. Those accused of theft could face serious penalties if convicted; therefore, it is important that defendants understand the charges against them and what steps they could take to overcome this situation, initiate a defense and avoid consequences.

In the line of work, some individuals could face theft allegations. This is what recently occurred at a credit union. According to reports, three employees were accused of stealing money from the credit union in less than a week. These former employees were from Georgia, Ohio and New York.

The employee in Georgia was accused of altering the books in order to steal $40,000. In addition to this allegation, this employee faces charges for forgery, ID theft and theft by taking. The employee in Ohio was charged with embezzling around 434,000. It was presumed that she stole these funds from three different accounts and also attempted to conceal this theft by making a fake deposit to those accounts. Finally, a branch manager in New York was accused of stealing more that $65,000.

Facing theft crimes could be serious and the penalties associated with them can be harsh. Thus, it is important to understand the charges they face, the penalties associated with them, the evidence collected against them and how a criminal defense could work for them. Anyone facing such charges should take the time to consult a legal professional about their defense options. This could help them reduce or even dismiss the charges against them.

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