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Georgia woman charged with DUI after colliding with police car

Some motorists take advantage of the fact that they can drive a vehicle, not acknowledging that it is a privilege. Because of that, drivers can be negligent, careless and reckless at times. Although, for the most part, drivers understand the rules of the road and abide by them as a means to avoid a collision, this does not mean that these rules are always followed. When a driver is accused of driving under the influence, this is not only a presumed dangers situation, but it is also a suspected traffic violation that could result in harsh penalties. Even more so, a motorist could face severe outcomes if the DUI charges stem from an accident.

According to recent reports, a Georgia woman was charged with a DUI following an accident. Preliminary reports claim that the woman, who s in her late 20s, hit a police officer that was directing traffic from their squad car. The accident took place around 4:30 a.m. on Highway 400 near Alpharetta.

At the time of the crash, the officer was inside of his fully marked city patrol car and his emergency lights were flashing. The officer was in this location to provide safety and traffic control for a construction crew at their site. Following the crash, officers asked the driver is she had anything to drink. She claimed that she have one beer at 7 p.m. A field sobriety test and breath test were conducted. Reports indicated that she was transported to the hospital for her injuries, where she was later arrested for a DUI, following too closely and violating the state’s move over law.

If you re facing a DUI charge, it is important to understand that you have options available to you. Although it might be a overwhelming situation, it is helpful to note what steps are necessary to assert a criminal defense. This might look like challenging a field sobriety test or the collection of evidence. This could help suppress evidence, allowing a defendant to enjoy lesser or dismissed charges. Taking legal action could help a defendant reduce or dismiss that charges against them.

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