Being pulled over by law enforcement is not always a major deal. Minor traffic violations and constantly suspected, and it is rather routine for police officers to stop vehicles to further investigate the matter. What is not a common or minor situation, however, is when a traffic stop turns into a much larger criminal matter. But if law enforcement suspects that something illegal might be going on following a traffic stop, this could cause them to further investigate the matter.

This is what recently happened to a female passenger in Georgia. According to reports, authorities near the intersection of Oates Avenue and 43rd street stopped the vehicle she was in. Police pulled the vehicle over for a tag light being out around 9:15 p.m.

Based on preliminary reports, police ran the driver’s license of both the driver and passenger. This is when they discovered the 50-year-old passenger had a warrant out for her arrest for providing false information. Supposedly, the driver of the vehicle gave consent to search the vehicle, which allegedly resulted in officers discovering 0.5 grams of methamphetamine, four doses of MDMA and three syringes containing residue of methamphetamine.

Police claim that the passenger took ownership of the drugs. This traffic stop resulted in a written warning for a tag light being out for the driver and that passenger facing drug charges for possession of controlled substances and possession of drug related objects.

Facing a drug charge can be a very serious matter. Even when they derive from a traffic stop, they can have very grave and harsh consequences. Thus, it is imperative that defendants become familiar with their criminal defense options. Initiating a defense is a defendant’s best option when it comes to reducing or even dismissing the charges against them.

Source:, “Woman faces drug charges after police pulled over car for busted tag light,” Lauren Gorla, August 31, 2017