When one thinks of theft, he or she is likely thinking about a major robbery or a shoplifter. Theft can occur in a variety of ways, landing suspects in a predicament that could result in serious penalties. Whether you are accused of minor theft or armed robbery, it is important to understand the situation you are in, what consequences you could endure and what criminal defense options are available to you.

Property crimes can come in a wide variety of forms. Whether you are charged with shoplifting, theft, felony theft, employee theft, embezzlement, theft by check, burglary, breaking and entering, robber or armed robbery, it is important to note the elements of these crimes and how best to pursue a criminal defense. At the Law Firm of The Law Firm of Christopher T. Adams, P.C., our experienced legal team understands the severity of the situation when an individual is facing charges for theft. Thus, we are dedicated to helping suspects in the Lawrenceville area initiate an aggressive defense.

Even if the accused believes he or she committed a simple offense, it is possible for even the simplest offense to turn into a major felony. Because the value of the item stolen determines the charge and sentence a defendant could face, one could face a felony charge for stealing something he or she believed did not hold much value.

Our law firm is devoted to helping our clients protect their rights, meet their goals and initiate a strong defense. Although the prosecution has evidence against you, we understand how to poke holes in the case, helping defendants reduce or even dismiss the charges against them.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s theft & property crimes website. While it can be a challenging situation to be in, those facing criminal charges related to a property crime should take the time to become fully aware of their situation. This could help with the defense process, helping with the development of a strong defense strategy.