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Helping you assert a defense against drug charges

Whether it is you or a loved one, facing a criminal charge for a drug crime has the ability to seriously impact the reputation and personal life of an individual. This means that even mere allegations could tarnish the life of the accused as well as their loved ones. Because of this, it is imperative that accused offenders in Georgia understand their circumstances and the options available to them. Taking timely action could have a major impact on their life as well as their future.

At the Law Firm of The Law Firm of Christopher T. Adams, P.C., we understand how sensitive a criminal allegation can be; thus, we are dedicated to serving and guiding individuals through this overwhelming time. Whether this is your first offense or not, our experienced attorneys are able to strategize to meet your needs and fight for your rights.

With over two decades of experience, our law firm has a strong background in criminal litigation. We have dealt with a wide variety of cases and have a deep understanding on the moves and actions the prosecution will take. This helps us develop an aggressive and realistic approach to defend your rights. Whether you are accused of drug possession, drug distribution, drug manufacturing, drug trafficking or any other type of drug charge, we have the knowledge and resources to collect necessary evidence to initiate and further your defense.

At times, evidence is not properly and lawfully collected. If law enforcement does not follow the necessary protocols, this could result in an unlawful search and seizure. Our attorneys are able to discover when this happens, helping clients suppress evidence and ultimately reduce or dismiss the charges against them.

To learn more, check out our law firms drug charges web page. Even if you feel helpless in your situation, it is important to understand the possible consequences of your circumstances. This means discussing your defense options, so as to allow you to take timely action to protect your rights.

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