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Three charged in death of business executive

Officials claim that three men invaded the upscale home of an elderly business executive who lived in the Atlanta metro area and fatally stabbed him in the course of a robbery. Although two of the men were arrested shortly after the incident, one man was arrested one week later, after police located him at his house. The arrest reportedly happened peacefully and without incident.

All of the men accused are young adults, and two of them were charged with murder. Police say that the men entered the home and, according to the victim’s wife, ordered the couple to turn over both money and other valuables, like jewelry. After stabbing the man, the robbers took off in the homeowners’ vehicle. After this vehicle crashed, police detained the first two men and eventually arrest the third suspect.

While home in question was indeed upscale, it is not clear exactly why the suspects chose to attack this family as opposed to the other upscale homes in the neighborhood. As for those accused, it is still early in the process to know all the details, and it is equally difficult to know their side of the story.

What is clear, however, is that these three young men are in a lot of trouble. Charges of murder alone can mean decades or a lifetime in jail. In the most serious case, Georgia may even execute someone convicted of murder. As such, these men will need the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney in the Atlanta area. With so much at stake, not having proper representation can be disastrous.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “3rd arrest made after CEO’s stabbing death,” Lauren Freeman, June 30, 2017

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