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Football recruit released after domestic violence charge

Domestic incidents involving violence are a serious concern for families and are treated as such by the legal process. But when it comes to allegations of domestic violence, this does not only impact the individual being charged following the incident, but it can also have a negative effect on loved ones involved in the incident. This could even strain the relationship, resulting in a harmed personal and professional reputation as well.

According to recent reports, a football recruit was recently released by the University of Georgia following an arrest for 2 different misdemeanor charges, including one charge of simple battery. Following an incident involving a Georgia living just east of the Gwinnett area, the football recruit was arrested for simple battery and criminal trespass. The football recruit was later released on bond.

According to authorities, the football recruit allegedly grabbed the woman involved in the incident by the back of the neck and pushed her into a wall. The woman, who is the mother of the football recruit’s one-month old child, reported to authorities that he had been physically violent in the past. The recruit was subsequently released from his letter of intent by the university. The SEC football conference passed a rule last year that prohibited schools from accepting transfer players who had a history of domestic violence or sexual violence.

The impact of domestic violence on the lives of family members and individuals is significant. For individuals accused of domestic violence, there can be far-reaching consequences associated with the allegations and charges. Criminal defense options, as with all crimes and criminal accusations, are available to individuals accused of a domestic violence-related crime. It is important that all parties to an alleged domestic violence incident understand the protections available to them.

Issue of domestic violence can be unsettling and troubling for individuals, families and communities. It can be helpful to understand how the legal process provides resources for individuals and families facing domestic violence situations and charges.

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