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Two arrested in Georgia for drug charges following anonymous tip

In a nearby Georgia community an hour and a half northwest of the Gwinnett area two individuals were recently arrested on drug charges. The arrests followed an investigation into two alleged plots of marijuana being grown in the area. According to authorities, the investigation began with an anonymous tip. When the two locations were raided, as part of the alleged grow operation, 140 plants were seized and $140,000 in marijuana was seized.

Authorities reported that they began watching the area after receiving the anonymous tip, observing who was coming and going and collecting evidence. The investigation resulted in the arrests of two 57-year-old men. Both men are facing drug charges. One of the men faces six counts of purchase possession and manufacturing and distribution or sale of marijuana. The second man was charged with three counts of the same charges. Both men remained in jail on bonds equaling $135,100 bond and $90,100. Police are also seeking a third suspect.

There are a number of important rules and procedures that authorities are required to follow for the protection of individuals accused of crimes. It is important for accused individuals to be familiar with these protections. Police must follow certain procedures when police activity is based on an anonymous tip, for instance, and also when searching and seizing individuals and property. It is important for the protection of citizens that these procedures are followed and, when they are not, may form the basis of a criminal defense.

Accused individuals are protected from accusations and allegations by rules surrounding the collection and use of evidence. Individuals accused of any type of crime should be familiar with their criminal defense rights and the criminal defense options available to them depending on their unique circumstances and situation.

Source: The Polk County Standard Journal, “Drug Task Force raids net marijuana, two arrests from Polk County grow operation,” July 18, 2016

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