Use of prescription pain relievers can be harmful to your health and your future. Many people who use these drugs become addicted. Once hooked, they may turn to illegal sources of the drug.

Carrying a single prescription pain reliever without a prescription can lead to a felony drug charge in Georgia if a police officer stops and searches you. You could face loss of employment opportunities, loss of eligibility for federal student loans and other consequences.

Drugs containing opiate drugs such Percocet, Vicodin and Fentanyl can provide temporary relief from pain following surgery or an injury. Unfortunately these drugs can be compared to heroin, both in the potential for addiction and in the criminal consequences for illegal possession of the drug.

Police are stepping up enforcement of laws that make it illegal to possess these drugs without a prescription. Any of the following acts can result in felony drugs charges in Georgia:

  • Carrying another person’s prescription drug, even if you had no intention of using it
  • Giving or selling prescription pain relievers to another person, even if you obtained the drugs legally through your own prescription
  • Carrying prescription drugs in a container other than your prescription bottle
  • Possessing a prescription drug that is more than one year old

If you have been charged with a prescription drug crime, seek immediate advice from an experienced criminal defense lawyer. A criminal conviction could have lifelong consequences, even if you are offered a resolution that does not include jail time.