Domestic violence can unfortunately be a complicated issue and can have a significant impact on families. Family violence can impact individuals of different walks of life. Throughout their lifetime, one in four women will experience domestic violence. Men can also experience domestic violence. Family violence is a serious concern throughout the United States and in Georgia.

Domestic violence situations may not always be straightforward, and family violence can be complex to understand. Consequences for a domestic violence arrest and charges can be serious and can include being forced out a family home according to a protection order which can also lead to further charges and negative consequences if violated.

Depending on the circumstances, domestic violence charges in Georgia can be misdemeanor or felony charges. Penalties can include jail time, probation, community service, anger management classes and fines.

In Georgia, domestic violence can include physical, sexual and emotional abuse which is why it is important to understand the criminal justice system concerning domestic violence in Georgia if involved in a family violence situation. Because the definition of family violence is not limited to married parties in Georgia, resources, legal protections and legal options, including criminal defense options, are available to a variety of parties that may find themselves involved in a family violence situation.

Because consequences and penalties for domestic violence can be significant, it is important to understand how to approach domestic violence situations regardless of which side of the situation people find themselves on. Family violence situations can lead to serious accusations and allegations, which is why it is important to understand how the legal process works to protect all parties involved in family violence situations.

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