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Georgia elementary school burglary

The three “R’s” of education are known as reading, writing and arithmetic. Georgia police have added a new “R,” recovery, after a botched burglary at an elementary school. The burglary comes on the heels of another theft in the parking lot of the school, though, the identity of the alleged parking lot burglar is not known at this time.

Three individuals were caught inside the William M. Boyd Elementary School after hours. The school’s surveillance cameras caught the two adults and one juvenile as they attempted to take notebooks, pens, pencils and three laptop computers from school premises. When police arrived, the three suspects dropped the items and were taken into custody.

This burglary occurred just eight days after a cafeteria worker was mugged in the school parking lot. She attempted to stop her purse from being stolen, but relinquished it after shots were fired at her. Police are actively seeking the individuals involved in that incident.

The items that were almost stolen seem small. However, the items can add up to serious charges, when brought before the court.

Any merchandise that is valued over $500 is classified as a felony in the state of Georgia. A felony is punishable for a year or more in prison and can lead to substantial fines for anyone found guilty. In the case of the stolen purse, the value of the purse and its contents may add up to more than $500 and lead to a felony charge.

If convicted, the cost to one’s reputation and damage to potential education and professional options can be enormous. It is important to have legal counsel that will ensure the prosecution proves every element of the crime and that the constitutional rights of the accused are protected.

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