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Understanding the frequency of domestic violence in Georgia

Understanding the impact of domestic violence is an important topic and, in particular, it can be important for Georgia residents to understand the occurrence and impact of domestic violence in their state. During 2012, authorities responded to 72,870 domestic violence incidents in Georgia. This number was up from 71,475 domestic violence incidents in 2011 that authorities in Georgia responded to. The number of domestic violence incidents authorities responded to in 2011 and 2012 was significantly increased from 65,485 domestic violence incidents authorities in Georgia responded to in 2010.

Domestic violence is defined as a pattern of abusive behavior used in a relationship by one intimate partner to gain or maintain power or control over the other intimate partner in the relationship. Types of domestic violence can include physical violence; sexual violence; economic abuse; emotional abuse; isolation; intimidation; as well as some other types of behaviors.

In Georgia, domestic violence is defined as occurring between current or former spouses; parents of the same child; stepparents and stepchildren; foster parents and foster children; and individuals currently living in the same household or who have formerly lived in the same household. Allegations of domestic violence are taken seriously and can result in domestic violence charges that may lead to penalties including jail time, anger management classes, fines and other possible penalties. In addition, consequences can include protection orders or restraining orders.

At times, it may be common to think of domestic violence as an issue and a concern that is not complex, however, domestic violence situations can be overwhelming. Because of the consequences of domestic violence accusations and charges are significant, it can be helpful for accused individuals to be familiar with their criminal defense options in domestic violence situations.

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