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Suspects sought in Lil Wayne bus shooting

Concert goers in Atlanta enjoyed the music of one of their favorite artists over the weekend. However, when that artist left the stage, he and his tour buses were in danger after an early morning shooting on I-285 near I-75. Cobb County police are investigating the event.

Rap artist Lil Wayne was the target of a shooting. Officers were called to the Mandarin Oriental hotel on Peachtree Road. The call was placed around 3:30 in the morning. When police arrived they observed that multiple shots had been fired at two tour buses. Neither the artist nor his staff was harmed during the incident. Witnesses have little information to present to the police. The cars used in the attack were described as two white vehicles, one was corvette styled and the other was an SUV. There are no current suspects in the case. However, Cobb County police are still investigating the shooting.

If and when a suspect is found, the individuals could face a variety of criminal charges. Aggravated assault is a criminal charge that may be issued when a weapon is used. The degree of the assault is generally based on the status of the victim, the intent of the perpetrator and the injury that was caused. Aggravated assaults can also be categorized as a felony.

Serious charges such as felonies can have devastating effects on the life of those accused and convicted. Without experienced criminal defense, a bad plea agreement may be accepted by a defendant. As soon as criminal charges are filed, a defendant should seek the counsel of a criminal defense attorney to ensure that his or her constitutional rights are preserved.

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