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Aggravated assault-family violence charged against Macon woman

Whether perpetrated by the male or female, domestic violence is a serious issue. The charges can also lead to serious penalties for the accused. One Macon Georgia woman is facing serious charges after a domestic results in her husband being hospitalized.

The 48 year old wife was arrested after a shooting. Bibb County Sherriff’s Office says that the 46 year-old-husband was wounded after being wounded by the semi-automatic pistol. It is alleged that the 48-year-old wife was the one who dealt the wound during a domestic dispute between the two spouses. The 46-year-old husband is currently in stable condition at a Macon hospital. The wife has been charged with aggravated assault-family violence.

The charge of aggravated assault is a felony in the state of Georgia. It is defined as an assault with intent to murder, rape, or rob with a deadly weapon. An aggravated assault-family violence is punishable with 3 to 20 years in prison. Family violence crimes in Georgia occur when certain crimes are committed against a family member. Family members are classified as past or present spouses, parents and children or other persons living or formerly living in the same house.

A conviction under the family violence statute can have a variety of negative effects on the accused. The consequences go beyond the prison time. If there are children involved, a conviction can lead to permanent changes in any existing custody agreement. If accused of aggravated assault or any other crime under the family violence statute, it is important to have experienced legal counsel to protect your interests.

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