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New twist in Vanderbilt rape case

A new chapter may be opening in the high profile Vanderbilt football rape case. Two of the former Vanderbilt football players were convicted of a 2013 rape one year after being cleared by an on-campus investigation. Vanderbilt refuses to release the result of the on-campus findings. One attorney on the case may seek a new trial for the defendants.

Fletcher Long, attorney for one of the defendants is calling out a juror on the case. At issue is the discovery that a juror is a rape victim. In Long’s opinion this is grounds for a mistrial. During the jury selection, all jurors were questioned about their experience with the criminal justice system. Inquiries about their involvement as a victim or a defendant was presented to each potential juror. In Long’s opinion, the juror lied so that she could be a part of the jury.

The juror that has been accused of lying has retained legal counsel on this matter. Another attorney refutes Long’s assertions. He believes that the juror’s past has no impact on the final decision of the case. Prosecutors that tried the case back his position. The prosecutors were quoted as saying that they do not believe this new information will be enough to overturn the jury verdict.

Criminal charges such as rape carry heavy penalties that can negatively affect the life of the accused for years to come. It is important to have experienced criminal defense counsel who will force prosecutors to follow the letter of the law before, during and after the case has been presented.

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