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Car service claims to reduces drunk driving

The Super Bowl and other big sporting events can be a great time for friends and family to gather and partake in food and drink. Of course, those that consume alcohol at these events are encouraged not to drink and drive. Taxi cabs have long been an option for those who have had too much to drink, but now car services such as Uber are touting their apparent affect on the battle against drunk driving as well.

Uber joined with safety group Mothers Against Drunk Driving to conduct a study of their users. According to the study, Uber may help to decrease the rate of drunk driving in the cities where the company operates. The data is based on a December 2014 poll of 807 adult Uber users. Additional data released by the company focused on an analysis of 17 Uber markets in the state of California. The data was collected between 2011 and 2013. In the cities where Uber was available there was a 6.5 percent drop in drunk-driving accidents of adults under the age of 30, according to the study.

The risks of driving after consuming alcohol are clear. Even if the driver does not get involved in an accident, there may be serious consequences.

Police often increase patrols to look for drunk drivers on holidays, game days and other times when they suspect many people will have been drinking. Those arrested can have their licenses suspended or revoked and they may face fines and even jail time. When the driver has prior DUI arrests on record or is under the age of 21 additional penalties may also be involved. Anyone who faces DUI charges can benefit from the counsel of an attorney to help form a solid and levelheaded plan of action moving forward.

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