During this holiday season, a Cobb County family will mourn the loss of one of their loved ones. According to police spokesman Dana Pierce, the 25 year old motorcyclist drove into the path of a car that had turned in front of him. The car and the motorcycle collided, leaving the cyclist dead. The 27-year-old driver of the car refused medical treatment at the scene. It is expected that the driver of the car will soon face charges for the accident.

Details of this accident are still under investigation, and the possible role of alcohol in the accident is not yet known. However, during this season of celebration it is important to remember to not drive after drinking. In the state of Georgia, the blood alcohol content (BAC) that can result in a DUI charge varies by age. Individuals who are over 21 and operating a regular passenger vehicle may face charges if their BAC is 0.08% or higher. Individuals who are over 21 and operating commercial vehicles have a lower threshold at 0.04% or higher. Underage drivers have the lowest threshold at 0.02% or higher.

There are serious consequences to a DUI conviction. This conviction will likely remain on your record for life. Penalties for DUI range from license suspension or revocation to jail time. In the long term, a conviction can result in increased car insurance rates.

An individual who is facing a DUI charge should take it seriously. The key to minimizing potential consequences might be to find experienced legal representation. There are a variety of options for first time offenders and underage drinkers.

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, “Charges expected in fatal Cobb County crash,” Dec. 21, 2014